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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I started this blog when I first began to think about writing a book for grandmothers, way back in November 2006. And now, after many conversations and much correspondence with grandmothers around the United States and abroad, SUPER GRANNY: GREAT STUFF TO DO WITH YOUR GRANDKIDS has been published, is in book stores, and has started getting feedback.

I’m so happy that people have been saying good things about SUPER GRANNY that I want to share some of these nice words. If you don’t want to hear the loud music of me tooting my own horn just stop here – and come back to my next post. If you can stand my shouting from this virtual rooftop, here are some of the comments that have appeared so far:

"Sally Wendkos Olds's excellent book is a must read for all grandparents, especially those that ever wondered what to do with their grandchildren on a rainy day.” Arthur Kornhaber, M.D., president of the Foundation for Grandparenting

"A great book for granny's (and grandfathers) who don't want to depend on the amount of money spent to enjoy grandkids, but instead depend on imagination, and ingenuity . . .a treasure of tips for giving every grandkid lasting experiences and valued memories." Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (Dr. Toy)
“It has the most modern and varied collection of ways to connect with grandchildren from babies to teenagers I’ve seen in a book of this type. … I highly recommend Super Granny for its fresh, interesting approach to promoting a deeper connection between generations.” Katharine Zenke, GRAND Magazine

“If you've ever needed grandparenting inspiration, meet Super Granny! This book … lives up to its title. …It's not just the activities that are valuable; it's meeting the remarkable grandparents who contributed their ideas and their stories.
“The book is nicely organized, with sections for grandchildren from infancy to 3, from 3 to 6, from 6 to 11, and finally from 12 to 18. Each vignette begins with a description of a real-life grandmother and something she does with her grandchildren. The vignette is followed by a more detailed description of how to carry out the activity. Olds also uses icons at the top of each chapter to indicate the expense of the activity, the type of activity it is, and so on.”

“I planned on coming back to the Introduction after skimming the chapters. However, after reading the first sentence I was drawn into your thoughts on being on a super granny. WHO IS A SUPER GRANNY? You are! Everything you said is true! …. I like the way I can use your book as a guidebook.
“[Y]our book is wonderful. It's not a run of the mill to-do list. Although you do include a great list, it's way more, it is a sweet sharing of the love we cannot contain for these special people, and a guide to pouring it out--- in buckets.” Play Wit Me Nana blog:

“Author Sally Wendkos Olds … has created a book to help today’s grandmothers make the most of their time with their grandchildren. … a wealth of ideas … categorized by age groups … and rated by expense, difficulty, energy level required and type of creativity involved. … activities especially suited for long-distance relationships.” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

And the most important critic of all:
"I'm halfway through Super Granny already. I love it!" My granddaughter, Lisa.

More lovely words from:

Barnes and Noble reader-reviewers:
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Anonymous said...

I'm proud to be the author of one of these comments. If I had written such a marvelous book, I would definitely be trumpeting it from the rooftops! Congratulations to you and to all the super grannies in your book!

Lady Ace said...

And, I am proud to be the mother of the Michaela in the chapter on traveling, so of COURSE I'm excited. She has, so far, shared the book with my mother (the "Mimi" who accompanied her to London), her teacher, other teachers & the principal at her school, her dance class instructor, and many of my friends & clients. As her teacher, Ms. Mayers, said to her, "You're FAMOUS!". I may not be a grandmother (not for MANY years, I hope), but I still plan on following some of these tips... with my daughter, my neices & nephews, and eventually, my own grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Instant success! I only had a chance to read the first 20 pages of your book before I went to visit my granddaughters. The little game you describe on page 18 that you play with your face was a big hit. I tried it on 2 year old Amelia and she absolutely loved it. I showed her how to push my nose to make my tongue stick out, then pull my ear to make my tongue sweep over to that side. Anyway, you get the picture. She wanted to do it over and over. Then she tried it herself. My daughter got the whole show on video!
Thanks for your wonderful book. I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

Edna said...

I think that is just awesome! Way to stick to it and get it done successfully! I'm proud to be your friend and look forward to reading your book.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Oma. Congratulations on getting your book published, and I can say from being a fan from a distance for the last year or so, that I'm sure it's wonderfully written.

PS. Love the cover art.

Nana said...

My copy of Super Granny arrived today from I can't wait to read it tomorrow. Thank you for listing under Grandmother Blogs. It is an honor to be found in your book. I will be reviewing it soon on my blog. I look forward to meeting you this summer!