At the Women's march

At the Women's march
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Never Again

Never Again
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I can’t believe how much time has gone by since I was last in these pages – so much that Susan, my new granny friend on emailed me to find out what was wrong. Nothing at all was wrong – things were very right. I was just too busy being with my grandchildren to write about grandmothering. Since I get to see my grandchildren from Germany and their mother, my daughter Jenny, only once or twice a year, when they’re here Opa and I clear the decks and make no non-family plans.

We played Scrabble, Pictionary, Boggle, and “Stinker” (see p. 114 of “Super Granny”). Opa and Lisa got to see “Ice Age 3,” and we all got to see and love “Up.” (It presents a funny and often moving picture of old age and friendship between young and old.) We went to the beach, we did artwork for Mak-a-plate plates and mugs, we took photos (especially Maika, who has a wonderful eye for subjects and composition), we had a delicious Un-Birthday cake and made up for it by jogging, biking, and taking long walks. The time flew by, and now there’s a little time to write before our grandson, Stefan, comes to visit.

The evening when my daughter Nancy had to leave the beach to take Anna, 17, to her flight for a youth conservation project in Idaho, Nina, 9, stayed with us. As she was about to go to sleep that night she buried her face in the tee shirt Nancy had worn that day and announced, “I’m going to take Mommy’s tee shirt to bed with me because it has her nice motherly smell.”

One highlight of our week on Long Beach Island, the New Jersey seashore community where we (variously including other daughters and grandchildren) have been renting a house for the past eleven summers, was a visit from another new friend in my granny network, Barbara from Nana's Corner. Thanks to reading her blog, I had learned that she lives in New Jersey and also vacations with her family on Long Beach Island. We exchanged phone numbers, and I was so glad that this busy grandma, teacher, poet, and blogger made time to come down to see us, accompanied by her lovely daughter and adorable baby grandson. To see Nana and Oma together, see the photo on the right-hand side – another family affair, taken by my husband and enhanced by my daughter, Dorri. It was a delight to meet Barbara, and I look forward to staying in touch. Talk about social networking!


Susan Adcox said...

I'm jealous that you and "Nana" got to hang out! Hanging out with children, grandchildren and fellow granny bloggers is the only acceptable reason for not blogging, so I guess you get a pass. But I'll expect to see regular posts as soon as everyone has gone home!

Barbara Johnson (Nana) said...

Meeting you was an honor and a pleasure for my daughter, Lori, baby Luke, and myself. You have a lovely family...I know you are very proud. I could see that clearly. We loved the Make-a-Plate and I have one now waiting for our next week's vacation on Long Beach Island this month. Thank Dorri for the photo ehancement. We look great! Maybe Susan could visit LBI instead of the Bahamas next summer? Look forward to your blogging.

Edna said...

It is wonderful to be with your children and grandchildren! We are on the west coast right now doing the same thing! Life is good