Wedding Day 1955

Wedding Day 1955
David and Sally and the dress

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Say it in email

For those of us who have not studied a foreign language in lo these many years, there's a really easy one to learn: Emoticon! "Emoticons" are little pictures that your email program may come with, allowing you to express an emotion without words. Or, as my 11-year-old granddaughter, Lisa, taught me, you can make some yourself just by striking the right keys on your computer.

Here are some emoticons that Lisa sent to me:

:-) Smile
:-( Frown
;-) Wink
:-P Tongue-out (Lisa’s favorite)
:-D Laughing
:-[ Embarrassed
:-\ Undecided
=-O Surprise
:-* Kiss
>:o Yell
8-) Cool (Lisa’s other favorite)
:-! Foot-in-Mouth
O:-) Innocent
:'( Cry
:-X Lips-are-Sealed

So -- enjoy! :-)


Marty said...

Thanks for this list! I like your blog. (I'm called Oma, too.)

Teeny Poet said...

Just so you know your welcome to post some of your poems on my website I started. It would be an honor. Peace