Wedding Day 1955

Wedding Day 1955
David and Sally and the dress

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


According to Stephanie Azzarone, president of Child's Play Communications (a marketing firm that specializes in products appealing to moms), at a recent Marketing to Moms conference, a speaker from (a great website!) reported that a recent study found that the typical grandparent spends nearly $1700 on every new grandchild in the baby’s first year of life.

The first grandchild gets most of the booty, since first-time grandparents outspend repeat grandparents by about 25%. Furthermore, many grandparents create their own nursery in their own home, complete with baby furniture (69%), diapers (54%) and baby food (57%). And the more grandchildren you have, the more likely you are to spoil them. So we grandparents certainly seem to be doing our bit to shore up the economy!

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Nana said...

This is very true! Now that we are expecting our third grandchild the end of April - first male grandchild - we are in the process of increasing our contribution to the 2009 economy! Nana's sewing room has been the toy room for the past 7 years! Our soon-to-be married son's room is slowly turning into the new sleep-over room. As good Americans, we happily do what we can to support the economy!