Tuesday, January 13, 2009


According to Stephanie Azzarone, president of Child's Play Communications (a marketing firm that specializes in products appealing to moms), at a recent Marketing to Moms conference, a speaker from www.grandparents.com (a great website!) reported that a recent study found that the typical grandparent spends nearly $1700 on every new grandchild in the baby’s first year of life.

The first grandchild gets most of the booty, since first-time grandparents outspend repeat grandparents by about 25%. Furthermore, many grandparents create their own nursery in their own home, complete with baby furniture (69%), diapers (54%) and baby food (57%). And the more grandchildren you have, the more likely you are to spoil them. So we grandparents certainly seem to be doing our bit to shore up the economy!

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Nana said...

This is very true! Now that we are expecting our third grandchild the end of April - first male grandchild - we are in the process of increasing our contribution to the 2009 economy! Nana's sewing room has been the toy room for the past 7 years! Our soon-to-be married son's room is slowly turning into the new sleep-over room. As good Americans, we happily do what we can to support the economy!