At the Women's march

At the Women's march
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Never Again

Never Again
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Thursday, February 5, 2009


A follow-up from Diane, a friend of the friend who originally sent this to me. (I'm still waiting for a grandchild visit so we can do it together.)

"This definitely works. And, the visual - through the microwave window - is outstanding and will astound any child (and adult!). [See the wonderful photo
she sent]

My microwave nuked it when it went for 3 minutes. I cut it back to 2:45 and next time will try 2:35.
I didn't add chocolate chips
I used a cocoa that had sugar in it.
There is always gunk in the bottom of the mug that is hard to get out.
I used a small dish to mix the egg and liquids - just made it easier for a 8 year old.
The end result is more science than gourmet cooking - the cake tastes like anything baked too long in a microwave. However, add a scoop of ice cream and it's quite yummy! Don't let it cool - it's hard."

Thanks, Diane!


Nina Lewis said...

I've made a couple of variations of this cake in a cup recipe. I've sprayed the mug with cooking oil and it comes out really nice.

Yesterday at my staff meeting with my student employees, we made this recipe. They absolutely loved it! Loved making it and loved eating it. They want to do it as a date activity -- or even for a late night snack while studying.

You can see some pictures of our event at

Hope you have as much fun making it with your granddaughter as we did!

Sally Wendkos Olds said...

Hi Nina. I loved the photos of your student employees -- what a lovely group of young people! You can see that they were having a good time. My granddaughter (also named Nina) is coming tomorrow, so I hope she'll feel like baking.