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At the Women's march
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Never Again
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Friday, February 13, 2009


They say that when you forget something at someone's house, that means you want to go back again. So the good thing about grandchildren forgetting things when they come to visit means that you know they'll be back. The bad thing, though, is when they forget something important for school or after-school activities that they need the next day -- and they live too far away to come back for it. What do you do?

What we did, at my daughter Nancy's suggestion, when Nina forgot her piano lesson book, was this: I scanned the two pages she would need into my computer and then I emailed the pages as attachments to Nancy. She got it within minutes, Nina was able to practice, and I gained a new appreciation for the confluence of technology and grandparenting.


Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

It amazes me sometimes how much easier these "appliances" can make our lives. I remember when I was a child my Parents laughing when I said I wanted a computer of my own when I grew up.They were quick to inform me I'd need a room bigger than our house to keep it in.

We've come a long ways since then!

Sally Wendkos Olds said...

Hi Boondock Ma -- yes, we're lucky to have all these modern devices at our convenience. Like today when we went ice-skating and were able to keep in touch with my 16-year-old granddaughter who was somewhere else, so that we could all meet up. It's a new world!

Nina said...

Technology to the rescue! What a great way to make sure your granddaughter was prepared for piano lessons!