At the Women's march

At the Women's march
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Never Again
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Nina, 9, and Anna, 16, came to visit this weekend -- and we made the chocolate cake in a mug. We benefited from the suggestions of other grannies -- to spray the inside of the mug before baking, to mix the ingredients in a separate bowl -- and to decrease the time of zapping in the microwave. We baked the cakes for 2 minutes each and also fooled around a little bit with the ingredients after Anna was horrified at one cake calling for 3 Tablespoons of oil. She cut it down, I think to 1 Tbsp, and both cakes, which we made separately, turned out fine. Each one was plenty for two people, especially with scoops of ice cream. The best part was peering through the microwave window and watching the cake rise suddenly and magically above the top of the mug. Thanks to all the grannies who did this before we did! Always good to stand on the shoulders of giants in the kitchen.


Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Sounds like fun! Thanks for your review, and for the tips you provided. I look forward to trying it with my two.

Nina said...

I made the recipe using a cake mix and pudding. I had a white cake and pistachio pudding and cooked it for 2 minutes in the microwave. YUMMY! (I think different microwaves are 'hotter' than others so time adjustments will need to be made so the end product isn't hard.